Larry Kent


Born in Johannesburg, 1933. Went to school 1944-1949, St Mark's School in 'Mbabane, Swaziland. Took an apprenticeship as a printer in Johannesburg from 1950-1955. In 1956, traveled to the UK, worked at Oxford University Press, and hitchhiked all over Europe for a portion of the same year. In 1957, came to North America, went to Vancouver, and met Mary Thomas. Married her in 1960. Has two daughters and two grand daughters. Went to University of British Columbia 1960-1964.
First four films made at UBC between 1962-1964. Most recent film was made last year in Vancouver. In 1960s and 1970s Montreal, made eight films, including my notorious feature High, and the first Quebec bilingual film, Fleur Bleu. Met my producer Peri Creticos in 1984, and started Palama Film Productions with him in 1986. Their first feature was Mothers and Daughters, followed by Hamster Cage, and now She Who Must Burn..



Peri Creticos is a veteran restauranteur who has a passion for movie-making. His dad taught him about the business before he could walk and he continues to operate in this area. After studying film theory forever Palama Films was formed with partner Larry Kent born out of a desire to make bold, original type movies.


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